Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Travel Sketches

These are some very quick watercolor postcard sketches from my recent trip to Europe with the family.
We went to Denmark, Greece, Amsterdam, and Turkey. These were painted in Denmark. Watercolor is a new medium for me so I'm still trying to get a handle on it. But so much easier to setup and transport than oils.


PleinEric said...

Welcome back! I like the aqua sketches... it's funny, I was gone for a week and did some watercolour sketches too! You know it's not my usual medium - but it was very quick... felt like less of a commitment.

I gave them all away save one... and didn't take pictures. Doh!

Mike said...

Way to go, James!

Don't give em away!! Hold on to them. You'll be amazed how valuable they will become to you.

As for first attempts at watercolor . . . . .Wow! Stay with it! You really have a touch!

Victoria M. Conet said...

Nice paintings, but you should have visited Spain!!